About Us

Our Story

Immorna is a rapidly expanding biotechnology company, focusing on the development of RNA-based therapeutics and vaccines. Immorna is utilizing multiple RNA platforms, including conventional, self-replicating and circular RNA.

Since its founding in 2019, Immorna has built a robust CMC platform for RNA synthesis, purification, and analytical testing that is well suited for clinical and commercial development. In addition, with its state-of-the-art screening tools, Immorna has developed an arsenal of RNA delivery vehicles, including polymers and lipid nanoparticles featuring multiple proprietary ionizable cationic lipids suitable for intramuscular, intravenous and tissue-targeting delivery.

Immorna has a growing intellectual property portfolio and a diverse RNA development pipeline spanning cancer immunotherapy, infectious diseases, rare genetic diseases, and medical cosmetology, and quickly advancing its oncology and infectious disease drug candidates into their clinical stages.

Our Mission

To utilize next-generation mRNA platforms and innovative delivery technology to develop life-saving medicines for patients.

Founded in Hangzhou
Jun 2019
Pre-A financing
Aug 2019
CMC lab established in Hangzhou
Mar 2020
R&D center established in Shanghai
Aug 2020
Round A financing
Nov 2020
Strategic Collaboration
Jul 2021
A+ round financing
Aug 2021
GMP Factory/Global Team Build Up
Dec 2021
RTP US Site Established
Jan 2022
FDA IND Clearance JCXH-211
Mar 2022
Global Footprint
  • Research Triangle
    Park, NC
  • Shanghai
  • Hangzhou
Zihao Wang, PhD
CEO & Co-founder
Zhijun Guo, MBA
CTO & Co-founder
Yuanqing Liu, MD, PhD
CSO, China
NgocDiep Le, MD, PhD
President and Global CMO
Jeffrey Ulmer, PhD
Kexin Zhang, MS
SVP, Head of Strategic Operations
Marcin Bugno, PhD
VP, RNA Development
Board of Directors
Zihao Wang, PhD
Zhijun Guo, MBA
Kexin Zhang, MS
Jerry Sheng, MBA
Xin Huang, PhD
Wayne Shiong